Longstown Village

Governing Documents

A residential condominium Unit Owner is both the sole owner of the portion of a building which encloses his or her living quarters (a "Unit"), and one of many mutual owners of common facilities which service his and other living quarters and of common areas which a Unit Owner may use and enjoy along with owners of other Units (the "Common Elements") . 

Below are the Governing Documents for Longstown Village Condominium Association:

The Rules and Regulations are maintained by the Association.  This document details the responsibilities and requirements for all Owners and residents.  The goal is to maintain a safe and tidy community while minimizing costs.  Changes to this document can be made, if deemed necessary, by a majority approval of the Executive Committee.

The Declaration is filed with the Recorder of Deeds in York.  This is our Association's primary Governing Document.  Amendments to this document require the approval of 67% of our members (201 Owners) for ratification.

The Declaration Plan is also filed with the Recorder of Deeds in York.  These documents show the land, streets, buildings, driveways, walkways, and the boundaries of our community.

The By-Laws are maintained by the Association, an Unincorporated Association in York County, PA.  This document explains how the Association operates and contains the information needed to administer the Association.  Changes to this document require the approval of a majority of members (151 Owners).

The Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act (UCA) (68 Pa. C.S. §§ 3101 to. 3414) was adopted in 1980 to govern the formation and operation of condominiums. Prior to the UCA, condominiums in Pennsylvania were governed by the since-repealed Unit Property Act.